— Peter Gast at Home

De gerechten van Peter Gast - restaurant Graphite Amsterdam, bij u thuis op tafel?
Dat kan! Bestel nu een dinerbox bij GetVoilà! en tover thuis in een paar super simpele stappen een geweldig vier gangen menu op tafel. Niet alleen uw gasten, maar ook u, zult versteld staan van het gemak en de waanzinnige smaken. 


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— Biography

“I grew up in the countryside, I used to work in the fields,” says Gast. “My parents had careers, so I was doing all of the cooking.” But it was a computerized career test at school that set him on his culinary path. As a young man, he headed to London to do his training, but it proved a culture shock. “The way people communicated with each other, it wasn’t really a team effort,” he recalls. “Everybody was shouting, throwing things. I was so stressed out that I cooked a lobster in a microwave!” Gast describes his time working under the domineering chef as “the worst time in my life”.

But the experience propelled Peter in a different, more harmonious direction. Returning to the Netherlands, he set up his own restaurant, 't Schulten Hues in Zutphen (2002-2018) which, at the centre of its menu, features herbs and flowers cultivated and harvested by Gast. In under two years he was awarded his first Michelin star, aged only 25.